Stolen High-End Cars Recovered in Chicago Car-Sharing Fraud

Daimler AG and BMW AG’s joint car-sharing and mobility business has suspended service in Chicago after a fraud incident.

Some vehicles may have been rented using deceptive means through Share Now’s mobile app, according to the Chicago Police Department. Multiple vehicles have been recovered, and persons of interest are being questioned, Luis Agostini, a Chicago police spokesman, said in an email.

As many as 100 Mercedes and other high-end cars were missing or stolen, and many were being used to commit crimes, Brad Edwards, a CBS Chicago reporter, wrote earlier Wednesday on Twitter, citing unidentified sources. Mike Silverman, a Share Now spokesman, declined to comment on details of the incident due to there being an ongoing police investigation.

The Share Now service, formed when Mercedes-Benz maker Daimler and BMW combined their Car2Go and DriveNow businesses earlier this year, wasn’t hacked, Silverman said.

The company is working with law enforcement to address the issue, which is isolated to Chicago. While members’ personal information hasn’t been compromised, it’s pausing service out of precaution.