Omaha National Opens New Headquarters

Omaha National Group, Inc. announced the opening of its new headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, at 9110 West Dodge Road.

The redesigned building includes design and technology upgrades and more than doubles the square footage to 52,000 square feet, which can accommodate up to 300 employees as Omaha National continues to grow beyond its current count of 200 employees. The facility provides large private workspaces for each employee as well as expanded spaces for collaboration and multi-media/video capabilities.

“Omaha National’s headquarters will always be in Omaha,” said Omaha National President and CEO Reagan Pufall. “This is a great place to build a company and this new space allows us to continue growing while providing amenities and perks for our growing organization.”

Omaha National new headquarter ribbon cutting

For Omaha National Workers’ Comp Provider, Happiness Is Key to Hiring

Along with its central location in Omaha, Omaha National’s new headquarters offers additional perks for staff. The space will have a larger break room and common areas for employees to socialize. The company will continue to provide free snacks and fruit each day and also plans to arrange for regular visits by local food trucks.

“Our new office will create more open space for collaboration across the company while providing privacy when our employees are handling sensitive calls,” said Omaha National Vice President of Company Development, Mary Senff. “Each department is in a wing of the building to maximize productivity and, since we frequently hire people without previous experience, we have included expanded training facilities.”

In September 2021, Omaha National raised $45 million in Series B funding from investors Accomplice, HighSage Ventures and Tull Investments.