HNC Software Releases Web-Enabled Workers’ Comp Injury Reporting System

HNC Insurance Solutions, a division of HNC Software, released
EC-Web™, a new Web-enabled injury reporting software that allows employers to send workers’ compensation injury reports over the Internet. EC-Web was designed to provide carriers and employers with a dramatic improvement over the current paper-based or 800-number injury reporting systems, thereby reducing the overall costs and helping get injured workers back to work faster.

HNC estimates that the new system can potentially decrease the cost of filing a claim from $15 to as low as $1.50 and shorten the filing time from an average of 30 minutes to five minutes. In addition, the company maintains that EC-Web can reduce errors and incomplete data from 10 percent of claims to one percent or less. Employers and administrators can get feedback immediately or within the same day, and injury information is stored for printing of OSHA and state specific forms.

A study by Kemper Insurance Cos. found that the average cost of work-related injuries reported 30 days after the injury occurrence was 55 percent greater than injuries reported within ten days. By enabling employers to report claims more quickly, the overall cost of the claims should be reduced.