More Businesses Using CRM, Study Reveals

According to a new survey of major U.S. companies, one-third of business have a customer relationship management program or project in place. Of those implementing a CRM solution, approximately 26 percent are using or building a fully developed in-house solution, while the balance are using a variety of external partners and software packages.

Harte-Hanks, a San Antonio, Texas-based company that performs high-tech business intelligence reserach and implements CRM solutions, administered the study. Hart-Hanks define CRM as an integrated information system – typically developed from disparate data sources – that is used to plan, to schedule and to control all client and prospect interactions within an organization.

The estimated time period to implement a CRM solution appears to be about one year. A total of 448 corporations participated in the survey, which was conducted by e-mail and online in November 2000.