DirectNet Insurance’s Website Receives a Facelift

DirectNet Insurance Agency Inc., a member of the Countrywide Credit Industries Inc. headquartered in Simi Valley, Calif., launched a newly designed website,, reinforcing the company’s clicks and bricks business model.

According to Steve Phillips, president of DirectNet Insurance Agency, the new site is designed to easily work within their environment, and the plan is to continually enhance the site as a full-service insurance solution for all of DirectNet’s business partners. Financial institutions now have the ability to create a customized private-label version of an insurance brokerage website to leverage and maximize their brand equity.

In addition, they can also choose to develop a co-branded version of the site or can link straight into the DirectNet insurance marketplace. The website provides clients with insurance quotes for homeowners, auto, and home warranty protection products. Customers may also purchase both homeowners insurance and home warranty products online. In addition to providing insurance quotes, the site includes the following features:

· General info about different kinds of insurance products,
· Highlights major topics a consumer should consider before purchasing coverage,
· FAQs (with answers),
· Glossary of easy-to-understand definitions to many insurance terms,
· Guidance and info about insurance needs for all ages, and
· A page that allows a licensed agent to provide personalized assistance in reviewing a consumer’s insurance needs.

DirectNet operates as a full-service agency licensed to sell insurance in 40 states.