AMS and Channelpoint Announce Integration

AMS Services Inc., a provider of software and automated services to insurance professionals, and Channelpoint’s rating solutions group (formerly InsurQuote/IAS) announced their integration. AMS strategic management systems will be integrated with ChannelPoints windows desktop AgencySuite products.

The first version of this hybrid is being demonstrated at the AMS National Users’ Group Conference in Nashville this week. The first version integrates Auto and Home with the AFW management system. Integration with other AMS management systems and other lines of business is planned.

Vincent Savarese, vice president of Agency Sales, Channelpoint, commented that Channelpoint rating customers that use the AMS management systems will benefit from the integration, and AMS management system customer will have more choices for their agencies’ rating solutions.

Channelpoint provides Internet-based, b-to-b solutions that enable e-commerce for carriers, distributors and customers. The company’s technology brings together buyers and sellers of insurance products.