Zurich Expands E-Commerce Insurance Program

Zurich North America Financial Enterprises announced the expansion of its E-Risk(TM) e-commerce insurance program.

The expanded product, called E-Risk(TM) Edge, is a second-generation e-commerce insurance program that addresses a wide range of e-commerce threats and the latest loss event scenarios.

E-Risk(TM) Edge offers customers comprehensive coverage for many Internet exposures in a single, integrated policy. The product protects businesses against such threats as unauthorized access to or use of data or software; computer viruses that damage or impair data; attacks that result in the inability to perform or gain access to e-business activities; public disclosure of private information; or outright theft of money, securities or other computer resources.

Coverage applies anywhere in the world regardless of where a loss originated, and includes: loss of business income, intellectual property development costs, e-business loss event liability, electronic publishing liability, computer theft, e-business extortion, and reward payments. Features available for the first time with E-Risk(TM) Edge are dependent business income coverage, which provides broad protection from covered losses at critical vendors or suppliers; enhanced public relations expense coverage, which now covers expenses for retaining consultants and executing a public relations campaign to counter negative publicity resulting from a covered loss event; and expanded liability coverage, which now covers most financial loss claims, not just those resulting in interruption of service.

E-Risk(TM) Edge works as a flexible menu of coverages that can be tailored to individual customer needs. High coverage limits are available for qualified accounts. Zurich also has industry partnerships with providers of e-business infrastructure development and Internet security, and can make those resources available to customers.