ISO, Seisint to Provide Accurant Products to Insurers to Fight Fraud

Insurance Services Office Inc. (ISO) and Seisint, Inc. announced a licensing agreement to provide insurers’ claims and special investigation units (SIUs), and subrogation personnel access to a wide range of public records and publicly-available data for in-depth searches on individuals and businesses as part of complex claims investigations.

Under the agreement, insurers choosing this optional ISO service can use Seisint’s Accurint™ family of data products to locate information on individuals and businesses for insurance-claims investigations, and retrieve public-record documents and other publicly-available information.

Accurint provides access to the world’s largest set of accessible location information, with the ability to search billions of records in fractions of seconds. Its proprietary technology allows users to quickly perform high-speed, targeted searches countrywide and retrieve information going back up to 30 years on names and aliases, addresses, social security numbers, telephone numbers, dates of birth, names and addresses of relatives and neighbors, property ownership and sales records, and related services.

ISO will integrate and seamlessly deliver Accurint information through ISO ClaimSearchÃ’, the property/casualty industry’s all-claims antifraud system, via its secure Internet platform.

Accurint’s high-volume data search and retrieval capability is the latest offering for claims investigators that ISO has integrated into the ISO ClaimSearch public-records service. Accurint complements public-information records available to ISO ClaimSearch users from the FastDataSM service of First Data Solutions, which currently provides a wide range of public-records searches through the ISO system.

“Accurint brings to ISO ClaimSearch customers unsurpassed reliability in information matches, speed and efficiency in searching vast amounts of data records,” said Richard P. Boehning, ISO’s senior vice president. “In a recent survey, our customers told us they want access to a broader public records offering with comprehensive nationwide searching and reports. The new option makes ISO ClaimSearch a more powerful and comprehensive resource for insurers, with a technological capability unmatched by any other claims-management system in the market,” he added.

“Seisint is delighted to help ISO expand its offerings to the property and casualty insurance industry,” said James P. Swift, president of Seisint Direct. “This relationship advances our strategy of powering industry solution providers with our unique data- delivery capabilities.”

The new option also brings customers greater flexibility in public-record searches as they can choose either data provider, Boehning noted.