NAMIC Launches Online Salary Survey

The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) has launched the property/casualty industry’s first online salary survey.

Covering more than 50 positions, the NAMIC Online Salary Survey offers participants the ability to retrieve dynamically generated custom reports as well as the ability to submit data electronically via the Internet. Survey Research Associates, of Madison, Wis., developed the secure, web-based service for NAMIC.

The new survey will be available year-round via the Internet and replaces the traditional once-per-year paper publication previously offered by NAMIC.

“The transformation from a once-per-year product to a dynamic online service addresses one of the biggest concerns raised by our members that have used the NAMIC survey in the past,” said Michael Ulmer, NAMIC vice president of information technology. “Having year-round, immediate access to the most current salary information available will help our members attract and retain the quality employees they need.

“It’s important to note that we have not merely duplicated our paper survey in an online format. Gone are reporting deadlines that many HR managers found difficult to meet. Gone also is the once-per-year publication of a single report. Switching to our new system means that salary reports will always be dynamically generated using the most current data available,” added Ulmer.

Participants can submit position and salary data at any time, and purchase the reports when they are ready. An annual paper survey report will still be produced for those companies that do not wish to take advantage of the online service.

Participating companies will receive a significant discount on the purchase of online access to the survey data as well as the survey report. Companies that are not members of NAMIC are invited to participate, but will pay higher fees for the survey reports and access to the online data.

Direct access to the NAMIC Online Salary Survey is available at