Zurich N.A. Improves Small Biz Web Site

Schaumburg, Ill.-based insurer Zurich North America, announced the addition of a host of new features to its popular eZSB Web site for Zurich Small Business agents designed to provide new capabilities and improved maneuverability. Zurich said in a statement the additions are part of the carrier’s ongoing commitment to equip agents with the tools they need to help improve customer service and account management efficiency for their small business clients.

An estimated 12,000 agents and 25,000 registered users access the eZSB Web site to quote, issue and endorse commercial insurance coverage in minutes for small businesses.

In direct response to solicited user feedback, this latest round of eZSB enhancements for Zurich Small Business are designed to improve existing features as well as expand those that agents find particularly useful.

These include: screenflow changes that reposition some of the fields and screens to collect basic information in a more logical order; a duplicate submission warning at the beginning of a submission; an expanded classification search to enable searching by classification code, SIC code and keyword; a new screen that provides upfront eligibility and describes risk characteristics of classifications; and class-driven assignment of product and program for all small business products.

Other changes for all small business products that provide property coverage include “add additional building” and “building management” screens, which have been designed to make adding and deleting locations and buildings easier.