Management Cybernetics Notes Release of Omni7

Management Cybernetics (MCI), a developer of software for the wholesale insurance industry announced the release of its newest product, Omni7.

Many years of research and development mark this introduction with the resulting OMNI7 featured at the upcoming AAMGA Annual Meeting this May (Booth 61). In addition to utilizing the latest in technology, Omni7 provides another step in the evolution and refinement of the tried-and-true business logic for which Omni is known.

This latest Omni endeavor is dubbed Omni7 because it’s actually the seventh generation of Omni. MCI was the first to offer automation to the insurance industry via time-sharing whereby agencies shared a mainframe computer. (1972, version 1); With the advent of minicomputers, agencies could actually afford their own computers, so MCI’s software was updated to run on Mini’s (1978, version 2); Then came the first wave of microcomputers and MCI’s software was made available on the early microcomputer known as the TRS-80’s from Tandy/Radioshack (1981, version 3). Soon thereafter IBM reinvented the microcomputer and MCI was among the first to provide offerings on an IBM platform (1984, version 4). When IBM and Novell networking solutions emerged, once again MCI’s software was in the forefront affecting a true multi-user system (1987, version 5). And when Microsoft Windows came along, so did Omni+ for Windows, the widely used system for GA’s still very popular today (1995, version 6). Now the top Omni version has arrived as the seventh generation using the latest in technology but retaining the functionality that Omni is known for.

“We are excited at the prospects Omni7 brings to our marketplace.” said Steve Hurlbutt, COO of Management Cybernetics. “Our goal was indeed a challenging one, as it wasn’t easy to address the diverse needs of our sizeable customer base while bringing to market a totally new offering. Yet I am pleased to report that we’ve succeeded – the response from both current Omni+ and prospective Omni7 customers has been tremendous. And since Omni7 was designed from the ground up to facilitate interface and interoperability with other entities, efforts are now underway to interact with well-known third parties such as ImageRight and AMS/Rackley Rating. Further, Omni7 customers will be perfectly positioned to meet the ever-changing data exchange requirements from the markets. For existing Omni+ customers, we’ve worked hard to make the upgrade a seamless one. And for those considering a new system, Omni7 definitely merits a look.”

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