Maryland’s NAIS Partners with GE Insurance Solutions for its Nationwide Innkeepers Program

March 22, 2005

  • March 23, 2005 at 1:25 am
    Edward F. Alden, CPCU, ARM, CI says:
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    Does this agency act as a wholesaler, retailer or both?

  • October 14, 2006 at 10:44 am
    Innkeeper in Hawaii says:
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    Beware of this company! They are just capitalizing on a market need but don\’t know how to produce!

    Funny thing… NAIS claims to be the parent company of Old Line Innkeepers insurance and recently wrote to me demanding payment of outstanding premium payments dating back to May of 2003. Old Line dropped the ball in renewing my innkeepers insurance in 2004 by six months (giving me heart palpatations in the process and causing me to hound my local agent by phone). It now seems Old Line lost track of the accounting (lost the check or automatic payments or something) of several Hawaii insures but failed to issue notices or cancel the policies. No wonder Old Line had to keep changing underwriters every year!

    NAIS is now writing to past insurers of Old Line Innkeeper insurance program and demanding payment in 30 days of premium payments due Old Line 2-3 years ago! Do I have to go on babysitting this bad business for the rest of my life?

    Beware of this company! My local agent lost my business because I couldn\’t count on them…

    Bill Carr is an officer of both Old Line and NAIS. I wonder what that means? You don\’t have to issue renewal policies for six months after an agency issues a certificate, or keep track of your fudiciary duties, and you can harrass and threaten people to get replacement checks you failed to deposit?

    Innkeepers band together so I doubt this change in company name will get by without comment.

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