American Hobbyist Adds Online Rating, Submission to Site

American Hobbyist Insurance, a national provider of collector-vehicle insurance, has added real-time online quoting and submission capabilities to its newly redesigned Web site.

“The collector-car market is sizzling right now,” said Orlando Morales, agency manager, American Hobbyist. “Collector-vehicle owners have strong buying power: Retail sales of specialty automotive products totaled $26.8 billion in 2003, according to the Specialty Equipment Market Association. Car club memberships and car show attendance rates are reaching heights we’ve never seen before. Values of collector cars, especially those from the 1950s and ’60s, continue to increase as Baby Boomers storm into the market.”

Morales adds: “We redesigned our website so that agents and brokers could more easily tap into the collector-car boom. We’ve made it a collector-hobby resource center for agents and consumers alike.” now provides online quoting and submissions for agents, Morales said. The option allows agents to offer their clients real-time quoting, submission, and possibly binding. When agents submit an application online, they’ll be notified instantly by e-mail if the risk was accepted, or if it needs underwriting review. American Hobbyist offers 24-hour turnaround on underwriting decisions.

The new site also offers: A free online-quote engine for agency websites; Online agent accounts; A one-page, no-contract licensing process for agents; Printable forms; and Marketing support, including custom flyers, brochures, signs, and premium incentives for agents who sponsor or attend collector-car events.