California Repeats as the Nation’s Auto Theft Hot Spot

August 23, 2005

  • August 23, 2005 at 8:55 am
    State Farm Connection says:
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    Which healthcare provider determines pink elephants do exists?


    2. Ulnar nerve dysfunction presents and diagnosis confirmed by patients doctor’s team.

    3. Health Net Vision Network

    If you had a choice to pick miserly Scrooge McDuck on his quest to expand his fortune over health care, which HMO participating networked MD’s would you avoid?

    1. Mayo Clinic, Rochester Minnesota.

    2. Participating Heath Net Provider Plans. (Arthur Lewis Messinger, M.D.)

    3. Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, Health & Hospital System Bay area open source Fraud providing System.

    When the bell rings!! and referee say’s treatment over!! Which plan are you enrolled in?

    1. Health Net.

    2.. The one with Practical Medical Skills are in alignment decisions in managing their patients care.

    3. Interactive heatlh care team environment that listens to the patient without Lookie-Lous “HMO” contractor’s destroying the doctor patient relationship to healthcare.

    In a series of studies, researchers found that treatment patterns varied dramatically from
    health plan to health plan across the U.S. This important discovery was inspired by Little Bunny Fu Fu belongs to which health care Mega corporation?

    Mary had a little lamb HMO
    Health Net HMO
    You’re a Crazy Cat Lady HMO

    A group of experts dedicated to empowering patients with information, they found useless for their own liability decisions, in managing the “patient’s care”?

    1. Malik Mohammod Hasan, M.D., Chairman and CEO

    2. Jay Gellet, CEO

    3. Steven Lynch, Regional, President.

    Why is that State Farm, an Auto Insurance Carrier, and long with Health Net (HMO) can provide Worker’s compensation or other when their Insurance coverage is biased and mutual injust when in partnership. It goes the same for HCA, Tenet Healthcare, when this very hospital system is contracted by services rendered, and in conflict of service provided, to the patient vs. service to the insurance carrier of the very patients they provide supportive service’s into the total alignment cooperation absent the patient care of the injured.

    What wacked out arrangement in the multi-purpose insurance gym did these state’s, federal’s, counties, cities who value patient’s NOT see this kind of opening for: Profits as a Motive.

  • August 23, 2005 at 9:44 am
    Morals interrupted says:
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    So, let me get this straight, you don’t like State Farm or Farmer’s Insurance?

    The reason being is that as an insurance company they are not to be in the driver’s seat of your healthcare when in fact, their postion is in oppostion direction due to contractual, beneficial agreements with the insurance carrier responsibility to indemity?

    Is there not another reason why these carriers are of contempt when it come to the conditions of your injuries and treatment?

    Which I suppose would be the massive amount of collective data they have at their disposal, in terms of discovered evidence to not support you and your son, which would prove the existence of cooperation in the parties to distroy your cliam’s and thus, leave you in a positin to defend and accumulate the method of fraud and manipulation of this date?

    And, that the findings of patient injury history, then would put a strain on the existing relationship between the sharing parties of shared information, then showing forth the true liability of claim.

    So, it is no wonder that the habbits and supportive evidence is not in the standards of true medical systematic by which any patient/family can achive the desired outcome of this devised subjective, objective, assements, prognosis’s, as relied upon to serve society and preserve one’s progress of independence?

    It truly is an absent of moral characture and unforgiving of the medical establishments, including the teaching hospitals to not insure that patient safety and accurate reporting, along with accurate medical record history to define an injury.

    Hippa, 1996, seems to have been a smoke screen to the patient as it gave more incloser for the insurance companies, and gave the false impression to the patient that their medical records are secured.

    I’m bring this up, because in reality it has achieved the opposite. Patients would only benefit if medical records information were directly a patients printed copy supplied at time services are rendered.

    It does not support the patient’s history, but coagulates the incorrect delivery or denial of healthcare to the patient, based on false information.

    Which to bring up Auto Theft is important, Auto Theft to Life Theft is what these relationships do to a family.

    The means do equal the byproduct. Out of touch, out of control, out of family. Out of the circle of life. Left in a silent bliss, blessed upon by the mouths of GREED.

  • August 23, 2005 at 3:27 am
    Politically Incorrect says:
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    The article only tells us how to protect our vehicles, without addressing a major cause of the problem. California has an underground vehicle theft “industry” that quickly gets them across the border, to be sold in Mexico. Chop shops are the other problem.

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