Colemont Launches Recall Risk Management Program

Colemont Insurance Brokers – Chicago has launched the RecallReady program, a product recall risk management program.

A key feature of the RecallReady Program is the integration of pre-incident and crisis response services. The RecallReady program provides each insured access to ARC Risk Management Ltd (ARC), a leading security risk management company in providing specialty consultancy and training on a worldwide basis. The aim of this service is to reduce the risk and impact of a crisis by careful preparation and planning and professional assistance by crisis managers if needed.

Colemont’s exclusive RecallReady program is specifically for U.S. based mid-size manufacturers and distributors with maximum annual sales of $500 million.

This program is issued on QBE International paper, a non-admitted surplus lines insurer and Australia’s largest international general insurance and reinsurance group.

“Despite an ever increasing number of incidents, product recall insurance is an often overlooked coverage that can be vital in protecting and assisting companies should their products be found to endanger the public,” said Stuart Hanfling, Colemont senior vice president. “We work with our clients to educate them on the risks they face and provide them with the correct coverage.”

For more information on the RecallReady program or any of Colemont’s other product recall products visit