AMS Upgrades Sagitta System

AMS Services announced the general availability of AMS Sagitta 7.0, an agency management system for larger agencies, bank-owned agencies and national brokers. This release includes new security enhancements as well as additional flexibility and customization options to assist with increasing regulatory and security pressures, and is designed to ensure regulatory compliance and data protection.

AMS Sagitta 7.0 includes multiple enhancements that expand system configurability including:

*Custom field and page creation
*Simplified data extraction for reporting
*Configurable quick-entry fields and defined vehicle pages to minimize system scrolling
*Seamless integration to specific, updated ACORD forms, as assigned.

“The new security enhancements within AMS Sagitta 7.0 make it one of the most secure products on the market,” said Bill Bunker, senior vice president of product management and marketing. “The enhancements have been built to address the ultra-conservative security practices of bank-owned insurance agencies.”

Several other product enhancements will also be rolled out, including:

Integration with the AMS Prevail Network, enabling AMS Sagitta connectivity with multiple premium finance companies
Integration with AMS Performance Analyzer, a business intelligence solution for agencies
Enhanced integration with AMS Benefits, including additional support features for the benefits product
AMS Web Services API

Source: AMS Services