Commission Unveils Interstate Compact Web Site

The Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission has launched a new Web site to enhance its availability to consumers, insurers and regulators.

The site “is a progressive step in reaching the Commission’s goal to provide a more streamlined method of developing national product standards and to increase the speed and efficiency of state-based insurance regulation,” said R. Steven Orr, Maryland Commissioner of Insurance and chair of the Commission’s Interim Web Site and Communications committee. “With the development of this site, the Commission is taking full advantage of the Internet’s endless outreach and convenience, and it will provide insurance consumers, members of the industry, and regulators with a one-stop source of information on insurance regulation.”

The draft of the Commission’s proposed bylaws, which it voted Aug. 2 to publish for public notice and comment, also are posted on the site. The Web site will feature links to the Commission’s adopted uniform standards, rules and procedures. The home page highlights important news, events and announcements. A link to the Media and News page allows visitors to stay apprised of any updates. All news releases are posted and archived for reference. In addition, links to the Compact History, About the Commission and Event Calendar pages are available.

“By utilizing 21st century technology and communications tools, we’re operating as an integrated, global organization, with the ability to transfer information to our members in every corner of North America,” said Diane Koken, Interim Management Committee Chair and Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner.

A Progress Map of the 28 compacting states, and the states in which legislation is pending, details the multi-state growth of the Commission. Contact information also is listed on the site.