Insurer Trade Group Launches Global Warming Web Site

The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) has unveiled a new website, , to help address the increasing concerns about climate change and its impact on the property/casualty insurance industry.

“There has been considerable discussion of climate change and the insurance industry taking place within state, federal and international policy venues. Increasingly, climate change is discussed in the context of public policy in the areas of flood and other natural disaster insurance, emergency preparedness and response, and reinsurance, among others,” explained Chuck Chamness, NAMIC president and CEO.

Chamness said the site will not advocate a position on the scientific controversy of the causes of the increase in natural disasters around the world.

“Instead, it contains information and leading thought about how climate change impacts the insurance industry, and what insurers and reinsurers in the U. S. and Europe are doing with this issue,” Chamness added.

David Reddick, NAMIC’s associate director of public policy and editor of the website, said podcasts, blogs, videocasts and other interactive features will be added to the site, depending on the needs of its users.

Reddick said the site will also report on the status of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Climate Change and Global Warming (EX) Task Force and other regulatory or legislative efforts.

“As public policy begins to develop more fully on climate change, the industry’s response will be a key feature of the site,” Reddick said. “We’re anxious to get feedback to help us make this a significant resource for those in the industry as well as other interested and involved parties, including other information sources, policymakers, the media and consumers.”

Source: NAMIC