Hurricane Chief Voices Concerns About Forecasts from Aging Satellite

March 19, 2007

  • March 19, 2007 at 1:35 am
    media mogul says:
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    Hey Chad and all you free marketeeers! Why are they looking to the government to fix this local problem? There\’s no market for this, otherwise we would have private satellites and no need for this gummit satellite.

    No market, no private satellite, a local prbolem. Who cares? Right, \”free\” marketeers? Argue your way out of this paper bag without violating the tenets of Milton Friedman.

    Maybe we do need a government, and some commonwealth activities and some taxation and some attention to local atters…gee…
    or is it the usual \”me first and only\” of your supposedly \”free\” market, no gummit, no taxes… Shoot, I\’ll just send up my own satellite…no problem.

  • March 20, 2007 at 9:46 am
    \"Free\" marketeer says:
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    The reason that \”they\” are looking for a government solution is that \”they\” are the government.

    One simple private market solution would be for a corporation to launch a new satellite and sell the data it produces to interested parties.

    The confounding factor here is that they only claim to be losing 10-16% accuracy if QuikScat fails. It might take more of a problem to generate a private market solution. The only people that would seem to be impacted by this are the surfers and jet skiers. I know I wouldn\’t decide to stick around for a hurricane predicted to hit 51 miles down the coast, regardless of whether the (one-sided) confidence interval is 50 or 55 miles.

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