Swett & Crawford Introduces Claims Dispute Coverage

Atlanta-based Swett & Crawford introduced a new form of insurance coverage for any size business that will pay the legal expenses associated with contesting of the denial of insurance coverage by an insurance company.

The new claims dispute coverage is available nationwide to any client of an appointed Swett & Crawford retail broker. “We can also sell this on a portfolio basis to an agency who may want to provide it as an added value feature of being a client,” said Jason White, managing director, Swett & Crawford Professional Services Group.

The claims dispute insurance provides coverage up to $250,000 for legal expenses in connection with an insurance company’s denial of coverage. Certain types of claims are not eligible for this coverage, such as worker’s compensation and medical insurance.

“As the leader in the Insurance field, we are designing products to help our clients and customers get the broadest coverage and risk protection available,” said J. Neal Abernathy, CEO and President of The Swett & Crawford Group, Inc. “This Claims Dispute coverage and its accessibility for companies of all sizes is an example of Swett’s commitment to continue to develop and provide innovative risk solutions.”

Source: Swett & Crawford