Top 5 Steps for Employers to Take to Prepare for Flu Pandemic

Businesses and nonprofits are being urged to examine their ability to operate in the event of a flu pandemic.

With the federal government declaring Swine Flu a public-health emergency, the Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) says it would be wise to prepare now for the possibility of closures or other impacts a pandemic could have on operations.

“Evaluating specific risks and planning well beforehand for a variety of potential emergencies that could disrupt day-to-day business is critical, no matter how big or small a company may be,” states IBHS President and CEO Julie Rochman. “Fortunately, most catastrophes can be managed with advance, effective preparation – and that means having a well-thought out action plan with specific, appropriate policies, resources and contingencies.”

The Top 5 IBHS pandemic preparedness steps are:

IBHS has created a self-assessment tool for business owners and managers. By answering nine basic questions, they can rate their readiness for a flu pandemic. For more information visit the IBHS web site