10 Insurers Hit Century Mark

The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies has welcomed 10 new members into its Century Club, recognizing them for serving policyholders for 100 years.

NAMIC also recognized Bucks County Contributionship Mutual Insurance Co. on its 200th anniversary.

“These companies have served their policyholders through the best and worst of times,” said Chuck Chamness, president and CEO of NAMIC. “Their continued service is testament not only to their strength and stability, but to the concept of mutual insurance as well.”

With the addition of the 2009 class, the Century Club has more than 660 members. Combined, they have served policyholders for nearly 84,000 years, which, NAMIC figures, would reach from the present well beyond recorded human history and into the Paleolithic Era.

The new members of the Century Club are:

Founded in 1895, the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies is a national insurance trade association. Its membership includes farm mutual insurance companies, single-state and regional writers, and national insurers operating across North America. The more than 1,400 NAMIC members underwrite 41 percent of the automobile and homeowners insurance market and 31 percent of the business insurance market.