Agents: What’s the Best Business Move You Have Ever Made?

For one agent, it was relocating to a more upscale location in the heart of downtown. It helped him attract more professional clients and employees.

For another, it was investing in the very best agency management system, one with all the bells and whistles, and then actually taking the time to learn to use them.

Another agent lists merging with an agency in a neighboring state as the best business move he ever made. They have been a good fit and he believes they have grown faster together than each would have done solo.

For another it was a move she didn’t make. She started talks about selling out to another agency but called them off. Just a few years later, she’s doing better than ever while the other agency is gone.

Those are examples of what some agents say are the best business moves they ever made.

What about you? What’s the best business move you have ever made with your agency? And why is it the best? How has it paid off?

It could be a single event or a strategy. Share your best move with other agents on by submitting a Comment below. Insurance Journal editors will review them and, if there are some standouts, select the best for a story or stories.

So…. What’s the best business move you ever made and why? Please share your experience.