Starr Aviation Acquires International Aerospace Insurance of California

Starr Aviation Agency, Inc. a subsidiary of C.V. Starr & Co. Inc., has acquired International Aerospace Insurance Services Inc. of Santa Barbara, Calif.

The acquisition of Inter-Aero expands Starr Aviation’s distribution network as well as its suite of products, according to Bill Eason, president of Starr Aviation. He said Inter-Aero has a presence in the space market and gives Starr an expanded West Coast network.

Terms were not disclosed.

Inter-Aero’s Charles Rudd, who has been involved in the aerospace insurance industry for 25 years, will be an executive vice president of Starr Aviation.

International Aerospace is a privately held company that acts a managing general agent underwriting on behalf of several carriers for space, general aviation, commercial aviation and workers compensation.

Starr Aviation provides coverage to commercial and general aviation, airline product manufacturers, including airline hull and liability, airport liability, aviation products/completed operations and aviation workers’ compensation. An insurance underwriting manager since 1953, the agency is based in New York and has offices in Atlanta, Scottsdale, Santa Barbara and London.