Ironshore Environmental Expands Oil Spill Program to Hospitality Sector

Ironshore Environmental has expanded its suite of asset-class specific SPILLS programs to provide comprehensive environmental coverage to the Hospitality Sector. Ironshore’s Environmental Hospitality program offers asset protection against a broad range of site pollution exposures, including mold, legionella, contingent business Interruption, norovirus and recreational water illnesses (RWI), as well as other facility-borne infectious viruses and/or bacteria.

Ironshore’s Environmental Hospitality program was developed specifically to address emerging risk management issues of the hospitality and leisure industry, including resorts, hotels, motels, casinos, cruise lines, and time shares. The program enhancements allow for coverage of remediation expenses, disinfection expenses, third party bodily injury and property damage (including natural resource damages), and transportation and business interruption, including contingent business interruption.

“The Deepwater Horizon Spill has heightened management awareness to the potential impact of a pollution incident that does not occur on the insured property but can result in a significant loss of revenue to a leisure establishment,” said Joe Boren, CEO of Ironshore Environmental. “The comprehensive SPILLS Hospitality program is designed specifically for the hospitality industry and therefore features contingent business interruption coverage for pollution incidents within a specified radius of the property that threaten financial loss.”

Ironshore’s Hospitality SPILLS policy limits are available from $1 to $30 million, with minimum premiums of $10,000. Coverage is provided for all of the insured’s legal liability resulting from pollution incidents, unless specifically excluded, which eliminates the need to schedule properties.

Source: Ironshore