Chartis Expands XSEnhanced Commercial Umbrella to Grocers

Chartis has introduced XSEnhanced: Grocers, the fourth in the XSEnhanced suite of industry-specific commercial umbrella coverages developed by its Excess Casualty Division. XSEnhanced: Grocers addresses many of the unique exposures facing the grocery industry by offering enhancements such as:

XSEnhanced: Grocers also offers insureds complimentary access to CrisisResponse and RiskTool. CrisisResponse provides immediate claims support, professional assistance and first dollar coverage outside the umbrella limit in the event of a crisis situation. Specifically, CrisisResponse offers:

RiskTool enables policyholders to obtain ready-to-use best practice assessments, identify workplace risks to reduce employee injuries, and build and monitor risk management programs online. RiskTool features training resources designed specifically for the grocery industry, including food safety training, a health and safety resource library, and instruction on food preparation equipment maintenance.

The XSEnhanced suite currently includes XSEnhanced: Restaurants, XSEnhanced: Retail, XSEnhanced: Real Estate and XSEnhanced: Grocers.

Source: Chartis Insurance