PPIB Launches Weight Loss, Artisan Contractors Programs

PPIB of Novato, Calif., has launched two new programs: one for weight loss centers and one for artisan contractors.

The weight loss program is open to anyone who can legally prescribe certain weight loss products and the assistants who work for them. Products liability can also be added for weight loss and meal programs that are seeking to help people lose weight, including loss fat meals and nutritional supplements. This program is available in all states and offered to both retail & wholesale insurance outfits.

The artisan contractors program is written on A rated paper on an occurrence form.

The minimum premium starts at $600, the minimum payroll is $20,000 and the PD deductible starts at $500.

The program does not allow for licensed GC’s; however, artisans subbing up to 25% of receipts are acceptable. Work on landfills, bridges, and dams is prohibited. Any new residential construction work in CA is prohibited. The coverage is available in most states excluding Ala., Colo., Miss., N.Y., WV.

Eligible Classes Include: