The Hartford Introduces Marine Policy For Modern Warehouse Logistics Operations

The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. has introduced a marine policy designed specifically for modern warehouse logistics operations involved in the transport and storage of their customers’ property.

The Hartford’s Warehouse & Logistics Choice provides coverage for direct physical loss or damage to non-owned property in the care, custody and control of an operator during transit and storage. The policy is designed to address a common coverage gap between traditional motor truck cargo and warehouseman’s legal liability policies by extending coverage to include property stored in locations other than the operator’s warehouse and property while it is in the care, custody and control of other bailees.

“Historically, warehouse operators have had to purchase separate policies to address their exposure during transit and storage of customers’ property,” said Alexander McGinley, assistant vice president and marine underwriting officer at The Hartford. “Increasingly, operators are providing value-added services for their customers and engaging in activities that may not be covered by traditional marine policies.”

Coverage highlights include:

Warehouse & Logistics Choice is designed to be a flexible coverage form and schedule with the ability to increase the limits of insurance for additional types of coverage.