Safety Advocates, Industry Spar Over Bus, Truck Safety Rules

By | May 13, 2011

  • May 13, 2011 at 11:49 am
    Mark R says:
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    A few points that need to be made:

    -The Author of the study where NTSB gets that “1/3 due to fatigue” figure told the board in the past week that the figure is not accurate, and should not be used.

    -The FARS study, which is a gathering of information from actual accident reports from wrecks that involve a truck, and which is regarded as the most accurate information on the topic, puts the figure at 1.4 percent.

    -Federal figure: roughly 3/4 of all fatal accidents that involve a truck are not caused by the truck.

    -Federal figure: Of the remaining 1/4 or so, a significant portion do not involve another vehicle.

    -The ATA represents the largest of motor carriers – which make up (by their own figures) about 4% of the industry. Many of the larger carriers (include most that use electronic recorders) have the worse safety records. They do support larger, heavier trucks.

    -One truck operations make up roughly half the registered motor carriers; those with 20 or fewer trucks make up 96% of the industry. Most of them do not use electronic devices to record their hours – and they have the best safety records. Also, most of them do NOT support larger, heavier trucks.

    -The actual cause of fatigue in trucks is mainly non-driving work duties, which can add 30 to 40 hours of time to a truckers schedule a week – and for which they are not paid. When a truck is not moving, electronic recorders are not able to tell if the trucker is working or resting, which is why they are almost totally ineffective at stopping fatigue or accurately recording compliance with hours of service regulations.

    Just thought those points needed to be made.


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