ACE Launches New Coverage for Hospitality, Real Estate Industries

ACE USA, the U.S.-based retail operations of the ACE Group, has introduced endorsements for its ACE Umbrella policies, which are designed to address risks faced by the hospitality and real estate industries.

Two new endorsements complement the ACE Umbrella Plus Commercial Umbrella Liability policy by expanding coverage for hotel operations and restaurants and for commercial real estate, including coverage for bodily injury and property damage occurring on and off the premises. Hotels and restaurants also receive additional coverage for certain pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, fungus, mold and bacterial conditions that are of concern to this industry segment.

Features of ACE Excess Casualty Coverage Extension for Hospitality clients:

Features of ACE Excess Casualty Coverage Extension for Real Estate clients:

All ACE Umbrella Plus policies include catastrophe management coverage, which helps clients by providing advance funding directly to third-parties for managing threats to an organization’s reputation and other expenses related to a covered catastrophic event.