Insurance Journal Co-Sponsors Study on Agents’ Views on Carriers

Channel Harvest Research, in partnership with Insurance Journal, has launched a major new study on the Independent Agency System, probing agents’ attitudes toward property/casualty insurance carrier relationships and, in particular, the companies they represent.

The research is aimed at providing carriers with strategic, independent and actionable information. The analysis and report will be published in early April.

John Campbell, managing director of Channel Harvest, said the project will generate “a strategic roadmap for P/C carriers looking to boost their business in the challenging year ahead.”

The survey will answer such key questions as:

The syndicated study is the fifth in a series of industry research projects conducted by Channel Harvest, a joint venture of Campbell Surveys and insurance branding firm Aartrijk, and sponsored by Insurance Journal.

Here are key links for more information:

• Agents and brokers may take the survey at

• A project prospectus and the survey may be reviewed at

• Information on ordering the survey report may be obtained by contacting Campbell at