Markel Unveils Risk Management Portal for DataBreach Policyholders

Markel has launched a new risk management portal for DataBreach policyholders that includes information and technical resources that can assist in the prevention of network, cyber, and privacy breaches as well as support in the reporting and recovery of losses if an incident occurs. The portal is powered and maintained by NetDiligence, a data breach response services company.

Once an incident occurs, most clients need immediate help and expertise to respond and recover. Since incidents can be very complex, organizations need assistance across a range of disciplines, including legal/regulatory compliance, information technology (IT) security, privacy, disaster recover, computer forensics, public relations, credit monitoring, and law enforcement.

Markel’s DataBreach policy coverage structure includes a supplementary payments section responding to notification and credit monitoring costs. This coverage is provided outside of the limit of liability and is not subject to a deductible.