ACE USA Expands Coverage for Hospitals, Miscellaneous Healthcare Facilities

ACE USA’s Medical Risk & Life Sciences Division has introduced four new coverage endorsements: media event expense, disciplinary proceeding defense, emergency evacuation expense, and patient property damage. The new endorsements are designed to supplement ACE’s current primary hospital and miscellaneous healthcare facilities professional and general liability product offerings. In addition, the endorsements provide reimbursement for unplanned expenses that these entities may incur when a harmful event happens.

The new endorsements include the following coverages and benefits:

The aggregate limit of insurance for the various endorsements is separate from and does not erode the professional liability or general liability limits of insurance. Further, the limits are not subject to any policy deductibles.

ACE Medical Risk and Life Science’s liability offerings include primary and excess medical professional liability for hospitals, and miscellaneous healthcare facilities, and managed care errors and omissions coverage. In addition, ACE offers products liability for clinical trials, biotechnology, and specialty pharmaceutical companies, as well as a package policy that includes property, auto and crime coverages through its Life Sciences unit.