Zurich Expands Community Banking Products to Zurich Agency Services Agents

Zurich is now working with Zurich Agency Services, Inc., to expand its community banks offering additional agents and brokers.

As part of this effort, Zurich worked with ZAS, formerly Universal Underwriters Insurance Services, Inc., to develop an online portal that allows any insurance agent and broker to enter submissions for coverage. This channel is currently for community banks only and was created to provide a one-stop-shop for agents and brokers to address all of a community bank’s insurance needs in one place, including property-casualty, collateral protection, bond, directors & officers and other management liability products.

Additional product and service features include Zurich’s proprietary property policy that contains no vacancy or margin clauses, a separate mortgagee protection policy to cover liabilities stemming from mortgage operations, and an online tool for banks to add and delete properties for real estate owned and lender placed exposures.

Zurich Agency Services, Inc. (ZAS) is a national multi-line in-house Zurich owned insurance agency with an experienced staff located on Overland Park, KS. The agency is set up to appoint brokers through www.zasinsurance.com website to serve the needs of the financial institutions marketplace.