Paying Tribute to AIG, MetLife Chief Benmosche

By | March 1, 2015

  • March 3, 2015 at 11:33 pm
    Martha McCormick says:
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    So very sad to hear this news. I worked for MetLife for 8 years. He made a point to come to our call center. What happened will forever stay with me. As an employee, any notes or questions were reviewed prior to meeting. I remember thinking to myself that this man didn’t achieve what he has by not being able to answer questions. Music blaring as he entered I remember seeing a dislike in his face as “Why all this?” That in itself endeared me. He was thinking as a working class man. I found him approachable and open. He even told us of his vineyard in Croatia and stated if any of us found our way there to look him up. I have been lied to, scammed and hurt, yet I knew he meant what he said and often joked that yes I would one day show up. When he became aware of the “screening” of questions as employees he was, rightly, angry. He then sent his personal email to us and rightly/blatantly put our management in its place. He truly was outraged and let that be known to us all, be it the top earner down to the base paid employee. This, I believe was his magic. He, to me, was the essence of success as he knew and embraced all. R.I.P. In a corporate world, you were one of the few that mattered.

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