JLT Specialty, Keeper Security Form Client Data Protection Partnership

JLT Specialty Insurance Services Inc. (JLT Specialty USA), and Keeper Security, Inc., a password manager and digital vault, have formed a partnership designed to offer clients a tool to protect confidential and private information and improve their underwriting risk profile. The partnership will further a dual goal of preventing data breach loss and improving cyber insurance results through password management.

This partnership is the first of a series, creating a select group of advisors and technology providers, to develop and implement ways to manage and mitigate cyber risk. JLT Specialty USA’s Cyber and E&O practice and Keeper are the first members and will work together to redefine data security programs with increased password security services that will improve cyber coverage and pricing.

“Data security continues to be one of the biggest vulnerabilities that companies face and is something that is always on the minds of CTOs and IT professionals,” said Pat Donnelly, president and deputy chief executive officer of JLT Specialty USA. “We know that a huge percentage of all breaches are due to weak employee passwords and that our clients are looking for tools to address this vulnerability.

Donnelly added that Keeper’s password manager and digital vault product offer secure tools to manage passwords and other sensitive information for clients.

This announcement comes as JLT Specialty USA continues its strategy in expanding its U.S. capabilities around key specialty areas of energy, technology, construction, real estate, private equity and financial institutions and aerospace. JLT is the only broking team to house credit, political and security risk capabilities in one seamless team, offering clients a full spectrum of risk assessment and mitigation options for their assets, including contractual, investment, physical assets or people.

Keeper Security, Inc. is the creator of Keeper, a global password manager and digital vault. Founded in 2009 by CEO Darren Guccione and CTO Craig Lurey, Keeper Security is a privately-held company that is based in Chicago with engineering offices in El Dorado Hills, Calif. Keeper is SOC certified and utilizes encryption to safeguard its users. Keeper is available on all major smartphones, tablets and computers – covering iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC, BlackBerry, Kindle, and Windows Phone.

JLT Specialty Insurance Services Inc. is the U.S. platform of the leading specialty business advisory firm Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group.