Facebook, Google Amassing of ‘Faceprints’ Facing Legal Challenges

By | October 26, 2016

  • October 27, 2016 at 8:24 am
    CL PM says:
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    My brother died a couple years ago and I am executor of his estate. He was two years older than me. I needed to log onto his laptop in search of financial information. His login procedure used facial recognition software and a password. The laptop recognized me as my brother. Then, a nephew had a program on a disk we inserted in the disk drive. It took that program about three minutes to figure out his password so boom, I’m into his laptop. That was one episode of many that convinced me to minimize my digital footprint in a meager effort to protect my identity. No Facebook, no Google Plus, no Twitter. And, amazingly, I still have a vibrant social life with a lot of friends. I know I still have a digital footprint, but I am not worried about what Facebook and Google do with images. Hackers will hack what hackers want to hack and we cannot stop them.

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