Progressive’s Flo Turned Into Chatbot

Convinced that Americans are dying to speak with its human TV spokes-icon Flo, Progressive Insurance is bringing a Flo Chatbot experience to Facebook Messenger.

This tool, enhanced by artificial intelligence and quoting technology, is now available for all Messenger users via Flo, the Progressive Girl’s Facebook page, where Flo has 4.8 million followers, according to the insurer.

With the Flo Chatbot, users can enter information and start the auto insurance quoting process in Messenger, then interact with Flo in a familiar and conversational manner. If the Flo Chatbot can’t answer a question, a real live Progressive representative can pick up the conversation via phone or private message.

“We know our customers are busy and they’re looking for convenient ways to access information about insurance,” said Dan Witalec, Customer Acquisition Leader at Progressive. “By creating the Flo Chatbot for Messenger we are able to make the process of getting an auto quote as simple as possible by ‘talking’ with them exactly where they are on Messenger.”

Chatbots continue to improve over time as they adapt to consumers’ inquiries.

Progressive provided a few examples of scenarios or questions the Flo Chatbot will be able to answer: