QBE North America Adds Breach Plan Services to Cyber Policies

QBE North America has added data breach planning services to all of its cyber policies to provide policyholders a simplified approach to the development of a cyber breach response plan.

The company is initially offering these services through NetDiligence’s Breach Plan Connect, which will be included in The Solution for Cyber Risk product suite that addresses cyber exposures, and protects businesses in the event that sensitive or protected data is compromised.

Customers can access the data breach plan whenever and wherever needed in response to a cyber event.

Breach Plan Connect includes a checklist with best practices to follow in the event of a data breach and specific breach-focused responses, as well as links to QBE’s eRiskHub portal, which offers cyber risk management guidance prior to an event and is powered by NetDiligence.

Risk managers can also customize the response plan to suit the needs of their organizations and, since it is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS), the plan can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any device. The product also gives businesses the option to take a pre-breach cyber risk self-assessment to determine their current level of protection and what they need to do to strengthen it.

NetDiligence is a provider of cyber risk readiness and response services, conducting enterprise-level cyber risk assessments for a broad variety of organizations, including public entities, financial services companies, retailers, software developers, medical providers and universities.