Major Hotels Agree to Provide Staff with Panic Buttons to Fight Harassment

By Makini Brice | September 7, 2018

  • September 7, 2018 at 7:18 am
    PolarBeaRepeal says:
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    This is a good start. Hotels need to add cameras in halls, staircases, and other secluded places. Employees entering rooms should have cell phones or other audio monitoring devices. These preventative measures should be posted on hotel lobby walls so as to discourage any perv guests or visitors to the lobby or lounge from harassing employees in their rooms or elsewhere in the hotel.

    If these devices will take time to acquire and implement via training of the employees, the employees who are more often alone with guests should be allowed to keep their phones with them and turned on when in a room, whether or not the guest is there when they arrive to bring something to it, or clean it.

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