Chubb Names Lupica President, North America; Krump Vice Chair, Global Underwriting, Claims

August 10, 2020

  • August 30, 2020 at 5:09 pm
    Dr.Boynton says:
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    Dear Mr. Lupica (Chubb Insurance Group)
    I have been working with the AG here in Washington state regarding the oversights on your offers, and the fine print.

    This is really travelers insurance and you fully know that, having working for 15 with American Express in a similar division.

    Ross Logan a counsel we have and I have created a complaint that has taken about 18 months and have had a successful meeting here in Olympia with the AG regarding the advertising tactics of your firm.

    As a personal note outside the AG action coming on the 14th of September, 2020 again Chubb. I have to say as a retired major in the USAF, your company is taking advantage of people looking for quick insurance for COV19, thinking this would be an accident.

    On top of it I compare my on Travel Iinsurance ( called accidental death) not only covers accidental death but also death from sudden illness including COV19, that was added to our policy of 100,000. back in May automatically, I guess you have not heard there are 181,756 people as of today that have died suddenly from the COV19.

    Just letting you know that I started this ball rolling, to really push to have every possible denial written out in plain English.

    The House is taking this issue up with Accidental Insurance solicitation since the pandemic,helping people be aware this is nothing more than the travel insurance you can buy at the airport, or at my favorite care rental.

    Dr. Boynton

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