Travelers Offers Artificial Intelligence for Companies to Assess Worker Safety

The Travelers Companies said it has started using artificial intelligence to offer business customers virtual and onsite ergonomic assessments.

Travelers claims to be the first insurance carrier to provide the service.

According to the insurer, the new offering combines AI-based technology and ergonomic research to quickly analyze a smartphone video of a worker performing a task and identify movements and postures that could cause injuries. Then, the software quantifies the risk and produces a report that helps a Travelers ergonomics professional develop a plan that is safer for the worker.

Marty Henry, senior vice president of Risk Control at Travelers, said in prepared remarks that the AI can help reduce the time spent assessing problems “from days to hours, enabling our specialists to focus their attention on developing tailored workplace improvements for our customers.”

Ergonomic assessments can be used to assist businesses of all sizes in establishing processes that enhance workplace safety, Travelers said. The insurer added that making appropriate adjustments can help reduce the frequency of common injuries and better control workers ‘compensation costs.

Source: Travelers