CFC Upgrades Cyber Incident Response Mobile App

CFC has upgraded its cyber incident response mobile app to provide proactive and targeted cybersecurity alerts for CFC cyber insurance policyholders and immediate access to cyber security risk mitigation experts.

Using the company’s data enrichment platform and threat intelligence feeds, along with insights from active cyber insurance claims, CFC’s incident response app notifies policyholders of critical, time-sensitive threats and vulnerabilities in real-time to help customers protect themselves from incidents before they happen and prevent potential losses.

Additionally, the latest app now offers an ‘Ask the Expert’ service, enabling customers to access CFC’s specialist technical team for help with their cyber risk mitigation and general cyber security questions, including best practices for their business, as well as compliance and legal advice.

First released in 2016, the cyber incident response app allows policyholders to instantly notify of a cyber claim, triggering an immediate call-back to the client and technical triage. The service can help clients experiencing a ransomware attack that has impacted their systems, for example, who may not have access to email or other online means for notifying.

CFC’s proprietary technology suite also includes its trading platform, Connect, which delivers real-time single-question quoting along with customer limit and claims profiling. CFC’s cyber insurance products are backed by an in-house cyber claims and incident response team.