360 Coverage Pros Launches Tax Preparer Professional Liability Program

360 Coverage Pros has launched a professional liability insurance program for tax preparers with an online application.

The program features liability limits of up to $1 million and is designed for professionals providing predominantly tax-related services including, enrolled agents, annual filing season participants, accountants (CPAs and non-CPAs), and PTIN holders.

The Tax Preparer Professional Liability Insurance program is designed to protect against allegations of professional negligence and litigation that can result in legal judgments, settlements and out-of-pocket attorney defense costs.

This program offers broad coverage options for tax work and services, including permitting insureds to provide payroll, general business planning and other services. Insureds are also covered for a limited percentage of audits, compilations, reviews and personal financial/investment advisory services for their clients under the program.

Program highlights include:

The policy also includes the following at no additional cost:

360 Coverage Pros specializes in professional liability services for small businesses and independent contractors. It is the program administrator and insurance provider for over 300 national associations and affinity groups.