Texas Agent Replaces Gecko Ads with ‘The Middle Man’ Campaign

The Al versus The Gecko ad campaign has been replaced by “The Middle Man.” According to Al Boenker, CEO of Al Boenker Insurance Agency in North Texas, the term middle man has long been a negative in American business, but he aims to change that perception with his new ad campaign.

“Everyone needs the middle man,” says Boenker. “I believe we can turn the term into a positive, as we show North Texas consumers the benefits of the independent agent.”

Boenker starts his ads with examples of bad situations caused by a lack of the middle man: surgery without an anesthesiologist, taxes without a CPA, a trial without your lawyer. He then states the value of contacting the Al Boenker Insurance Agency and allowing him to act as their middle man.

“We represent numerous insurance companies, so you can find the best rate. Call a company direct and all you get is their one rate,” states Boenker. “Save money with the middle man.”

The campaign has been pre-released on 10 radio stations in Dallas / Fort Worth and network TV.

The agency is promoting the campaign at www.thanksal.com.

“For far too long the middle man has been associated with overhead, mediocrity and something no one should aspire to be,” says Boenker. “We’re taking ownership of the term and informing consumers what a value it is to have a middle man watching out for them.

The Al Boenker Insurance Agency will celebrate 35 years in business this January. Owner Al Boenker started the agency in Fort Worth in 1972.

“We’ve been acting as the middle man for 35 years in order to help consumers understand insurance and save money.” says Boenker.

Boenker was forced to shut down a previous campaign, which featured an actor dressed up as a gecko, by a cease and desist order initiated by GEICO.

Source: Al Boenker Insurance Agency