Louisiana Citizens Insurance Appealing Order to Return Application Fees

January 28, 2014

  • March 22, 2014 at 12:20 pm
    Craig says:
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    What this article does not disclose is that out of the $65.00 refund the policy holder only receives $40.00 of that $65.00.
    The other $25.00 conveniently goes into the pockets of attorneys and other entities capitalizing on the misfortune of Louisiana citizens.

    The attorneys in this matter will take in over 5.5 million of this 16 million dollar refund at the expense of Louisiana citizens.

    I would like someone to help me understand why the citizens of the state first got screwed by Louisiana Citizens Insurance, then they got screwed by the attorneys getting over 1/3 of the $65.00 fee that was refunded as payment,and to top it off, the refund was administered by some consulting firm out of Minnesota.

    It’s bad enough that Louisiana Citizens suffered through Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and as a result were forced into purchasing insurance with Louisiana Citizens Insurance Corp. Sometimes at 3 times the cost that they were paying prior to these two storms.

    Only to have over 1/3 of a measly $65.00 refund taken away from them as payment from a class action suit that they weren’t even aware that they were a part of.

    If Louisiana Citizens were wrong in charging this fee and not disclosing it, then they should be responsible for attorney’s fees and costs, and not the people of Louisiana.

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