Pair of Brown & Brown’s Fla. Offices Select Afni Insurance Services’ CSR24 Solution

Afni Insurance Services, a provider of Business Process Enhancement solutions for the insurance industry and developer of CSR24, announced that two offices (Naples and Ft. Myers, Fla.) of Brown & Brown, Inc. have selected Afni Insurance Services to deliver 24/7 policyholder customer service through CSR24. Clients of these two Brown & Brown offices will have access to insurance information via both web-based self-service and after-hours live telephone service.

CSR24 combines the Internet with the telephone in providing clients of these two Brown & Brown offices access to their insurance information. These two Brown & Brown offices intend to improve customer service levels and leverage the customer’s desire to service themselves in order to improve internal operations and reduce expenses.

“We are a community-based agency and it is important to us to service our customers in a way that is timely and convenient to them,” said Tom Ellis, executive vice president of Brown and Brown, Naples. “CSR24 is the clear choice for us because it builds upon our current service platform, enabling clients to access our services after normal business hours or to perform self-service tasks including policy change requests or issuing certificates, all while maintaining our unique brand and high level of expertise.”

“CSR24 is the right solution for us because of its ability to perform as an emergency back-up system,” added Ed Jasudowich, manager of operations of Brown & Brown, Ft. Myers. “Given the possibility in Florida that a natural disaster could prevent you from getting to the office and servicing your customers, we feel the peace of mind we gain with CSR24 alone is worth the investment.”