N.C. Insurance Agent Arrested for Allegedly Pocketing Premium Payments

North Carolina officials arrested a Fayetteville, N.C., woman and charged her with three counts of embezzlement by an insurance agent, according to Insurance Commissioner Jim Long

Jessica Rachelle Forde, 32, worked as a licensed insurance agent for Insurance Service Center in Fayetteville. She was processed last week at the Cumberland County Detention Center and received a $7,500 secured bond.

The charges stem from allegations that Forde collected cash premium payments from clients of the insurance agency, falsified receipts, and pocketed the money. This allegedly resulted in the cancellation of clients’ auto insurance policies.

While no claims were made on the policies, this alleged fraud put policyholders at risk of unknowingly driving without insurance. The owner of the Insurance Service Center has since paid to have all policies affected reinstated with no penalty to the policyholders.

Department of Insurance investigators believe more policyholders may have been affected by Forde’s alleged actions. Officials only know of three policies, amounting to just more than $1,100 in premium payments, canceled. Investigators have reason to believe the extent of Forde’s alleged crimes is not limited to these three. Anyone who suspects he may have been defrauded while doing business with Forde should contact the Department at (919) 807-6840.

Source: North Carolina Department of Insurance