MagMutual Expands PL Coverage to Hospitals, Health Systems

MAG Mutual Insurance Co., a medical professional liability insurer in the Southeast, is now offering a suite of coordinated coverage, defense and patient safety products to hospitals and health systems.

Provided through MagMutual’s Professional Security Insurance Co., the offering combines facility and employed physician coverage for independent physician practices.

“One of our primary objectives with this new offering is to eliminate the ‘divide and conquer’ philosophy that drives a wedge between hospitals and physicians,” says Johnathan Brutlag, president of Professional Security Insurance Co. “This approach often results in higher verdict and settlement amounts. We believe it is much more effective to foster a coordinated, collaborative claim process.”

Coverage now available to hospitals and health systems includes primary hospital professional, general and employee benefit liability, primary physicians’ liability and umbrella liability coverage. MagMutual claim analysts are located in branch offices throughout the Southeast.

A component of the MagMutual offering is its patient safety program, designed to help hospitals, health systems and physicians identify and remediate vulnerabilities that may expose them to risk.

MagMutual policyholders gain ownership in the company, rendering them eligible to receive dividend payments based on company performance.

MagMutual provides medical professional liability (malpractice) insurance in Ala., Ark., Fla., Ga., Ky., Miss., N.C., S.C., Tenn. and Va.