Tennessee Governor Signs Workers’ Compensation Bill

By | May 9, 2013

  • October 8, 2018 at 4:31 pm
    ollie Jefferson says:
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    I read the article, The new workers Compensation LAWS are not tilted in the employers and insurance companies , they seem to have been written by them and for them and they submitted them to the governor for him to put his stamp of approval on them, which he apparently did. First the name should be changed the name, it is no longer a WORKERS COMPENSATION SYSTEM when 95% of injured workers are DENIED benefits.Of course American Insurance Assistant Vice President Ron Jackson would Praise Lawmaker who passed these Laws. Second, else where insurers argued that by tilting the law in favor of the injured workers the system would encourage workers who has been injured on the job not to return to work or settle their claims, REALLY? How much sense does it really make for a workers who makes $1200.00 a week , to settle for a $330.00 a week disability the argument makes no sense. Else where the article says that the legislation clarifies that the new law will be applied on a NEUTRAL basic, no neutral grounds in this law. Critics (we know who Governor Haslam was talking with?, businessmen and Insurance companies there was not one injured worker invited to this discussion) of the old law. complained that the old law gave wide leeway for Judges to rule in injured workers FAVOR , these judges were TOOOOOOOO fair, they were not OBLIGATED to anyone did not owe anyone anything. Insurers said that the old law was unpredictable and inconsistent ruling in similar wc claims, there is nothing wrong with handling each case different, Injured workers cases should not be treated the same every case is different evidence is different. The CRITICS didn’t like the fact that they did not know what to expect in court so therefore could not get their lies DOWN pat. I along with some of the many injured workers who have had their workers compensation cases DENIED for insufficient evidence because the only evidence is allowed in court is the employer and insurance evidence all other evident is objected to, dismissed , called hear say or propaganda. A system with a documented failure rate of 95% in still in existence is only in existence because someone is benefiting from a failed system and it is not the injured workers. We will fight to get the workers comp system back to a TORT system. The system as it is to injured workers is BROKE and in need of a serious REVAMPING and we are working on that

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